• Function Band Checklist

    So, you’re looking for a band for your Function, Wedding or Party, but you want to make sure you ask all the relevant questions.  That’s why we’ve composed this list, for anyone to use.  All we ask is that you ask us the questions too?  🙂

    So for when your wondering what you’ll need to ask, just use the below as a guide:

    • How many band members are there, and what instruments and vocals make up the band?
    • How long do you play for, and for how many sets?
    • (If getting Married) Can you play my first dance?
    • If I wanted a shorter first set, and longer second set, would that be possible?
    • How long will you need to set up? (you will need to provide details about the venue, such as how accessible the room is – is it upstairs etc)
    • If we need you to arrive earlier in the day, is that possible?
    • Do you send contracts for all your bookings?
    • How much will it cost, and is there a deposit to pay?  When is the deposit and/or final payment due by?
    • Do you have any (additional) demo tracks, or demo video I can view?
    • Can you provide music when the band isn’t playing, say from an iPod or laptop?  If so, how much would this cost?
    • Would you be able to meet us at the venue before the day to make final arrangements, see the room layout etc?
    • Do you have public liability insurance?  If so, how much does it cover (most venues today request £5m of cover, and some up to £10m).  If they don’t have public liability cover, can they get it (if the venue needs it), and how much will they charge?
    • Is all your electrical equipment PAT tested, and when was it last done/when is it due?  Can you send a PAT certificate if my venue needs to see a copy?
    • Are you free on DD/MM/YYYY?  Can you hold the date for us for a couple of weeks whilst we decide?

    We hope you find these questions helpful, and we’d love you to ask us too! 🙂

    Please contact us for further information or for a quotation.